Many believe it’s the most well-funded companies that get the lions share of media coverage. We know, in fact, the opposite is true.

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Tech giants are often assumed to get media coverage due to their financial success. However, it’s actually companies that can captivate the media that are more likely to be successful.

At Publicize Capital, we see earned media is central to how techs set themselves apart from their rivals. With this in mind, we part fund, part finesse companies with the most powerful narratives to bring value-adding attention to their mission.

Find out how we can accelerate your startup’s growth below.


CONRAD EGUSA - CEO/Managing Partner


CEO/Managing Partner

Founding Publicize back in 2013, Conrad has been working in the PR and media industry for over a decade. Staying true to his roots as a writer for VentureBeat, Conrad has been featured in the likes of Forbes and TechCrunch. Mentor for 500 Startups, Techstars, P18 and Founder Institute. Co- founder of Espacio Media Incubator.

CRAIG CORBETT - Chairman at Publicize Capital/Partner


Chairman at Publicize Capital/Partner

Before joining Publicize in 2014, Craig had a background in journalism and has been published on Entrepreneur Magazine, Venturebeat, TNW. Craig is also the former chairman for CEE-focused tech publication and a PR/Marketing mentor for organizations like Techstars, StartupGrind, and Rockstart. He was named a Forbes Council member in 2021, and has also been a keynote speaker on PR for startups at events such as Pioneers Festival, Pirates Summit, and TechChill.

JIM GLADE - Director of Espacio Media/Partner


Publisher at Espacio Media Incubator/Partner

Jim has over a decade of experience in journalism, having written for publications including Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, The Independent, TechCrunch, CBS and many more. He currently heads the commercial development of Espacio’s media publications, as well as its events business.

PETER ANDRINGA - Co-Founder at P&Co/Partner


Co-Founder at P&Co/Partner

After years in academia, and followed by a tour with the Peace Corps, Peter transitioned to copyediting and copywriting, working as a technical editor for Microsoft. In his initial work for Publicize, Peter ghost-wrote articles appearing in Newsweek, The Hill, TechCrunch, and Financial Times. As well as helping to co-found P&Co, Peter is a recognized mentor of Founder Institute, Stanford University’s Cardinal Ventures, and is a media advisor for Horasis - a global think tank organized by former WEF director, Frank-Jürgen Richter.

KATIE KONYN - Principal at P&Co


Principal at P&Co

Katie has worked in corporate communication for over ten years, developing her experience across the whole content spectrum and has a passion for crafting stories that bring tech subjects to life. Katie joined the company as Editorial Director in 2019, growing our content service offering and establish a stable, results-driven team of talented writers. Currently, Katie spearheads communication strategies for a number of tech enterprise multinationals.



We work exclusively with founders that have the right ingredients for top-tier media placements. Our experience and industry knowledge allows us to form partnerships with startups that are mutually fruitful.


Our connections are far and wide, industry and geography-wise. Our stage and sector-agnostic approach facilitates strong bonds with tech’s most reputable media outlets in North America, Spain & Latin America.


All four of our partners come from a background of tech media and journalism, working with some of the world’s leading brands in the process.